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Tooth Whitening

We offer both Zoom™ whitening or in-tray take-home whitening that is custom-made to your mouth so you feel more confident with a brighter smile. Rest assured that our treatments are safe, effective and performed by highly qualified oral health practitioners.

After years of coffee, tea or red wine our teeth can begin to become dull in appearance. Also, we all have slightly different shades to our teeth and we might just want them a little whiter.

Whitening is done by our highly skilled Dental Therapists. It takes one hour, and involves at least three applications of totally safe whitening solution that is activated with a blue light to get the maximum lightness.

Special offer for ZOOM Whitening $595 this includes your custom made whitening trays to use at home.

Preventative Dentistry – we thoroughly and gently examine your teeth and gums to prevent future problems from developing. If needed, our digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras are state of the art and extremely accurate to assist in diagnosis.

We also look for stress fractures of the teeth, as well as tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction or clicking.

It is very important to have regular professional tooth and gum cleaning to remove the sticky or hard plaque that can’t be removed at home. Either your dentist can perform a clean up during your routine check up or you can see our hygienist for a bicarbonate of soda and warm water spray which is the gentlest and most thorough clean you can have.

We also provide oral hygiene instruction and diet advice and apply fluoride and calcium treatments to harden up your tooth surfaces and reduce tooth sensitivity.


General Dentistry – we provide all types of fillings and will recommend the best option for you.